Switch to 100% renewable electricity today.

Join the Co-op and switch to wind and solar power today.

In Pennsylvania, you can choose your electricity supplier. When you join The Energy Co-op’s electricity program, you will be receiving 100% clean, renewable electricity from wind and solar. Switching is easy and you won’t experience any service interruption. The Co-op also offers the option to source your renewable electricity from entirely within Pennsylvania. Join us at The Energy Co-op to build a better, more sustainable Pennsylvania.

Reduce your environmental impact.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and fight climate change.
  • Improve air quality by switching away from dirty fossil fuels.
  • Support the green economy in Pennsylvania by choosing to source clean energy generated in-state.
Benefits include:
  • Membership in a local, mission-driven nonprofit organization.
  • No fees or contracts, ever.
  • Cooperative ownership means that, as a member, you have a say in how the organization does business.
  • Membership is open to all in southeastern PA. If you receive an electricity bill from either PECO or PPL, you can join the Co-op.
Join The Energy Coop

The Energy Co-op uses the power of community to provide members with 100% renewable electricity, renewable natural gas and affordable, transparently-priced heating oil.