Renewable Natural Gas

Join The Energy Co-op and pioneer a low-carbon form of natural gas.

Our revolutionary program supports a cleaner, more sustainable Pennsylvania.


The Energy Co-op offers a first-in-kind, sustainable solution for natural gas through our patented Renewable Natural Gas Credits. By purchasing renewable natural gas from the Co-op, you are creating an incentive for landfills to capture methane, a waste gas that is naturally generated as trash decomposes, and pipe it to nearby businesses where it is used instead of conventional natural gas.

This is important because it both reduces emissions of methane – a potent greenhouse gas – and reduces demand for conventionally produced fossil natural gas.

By joining the Co-op and enrolling in our renewable natural gas program, you’re choosing a sustainable, local solution that reduces carbon emissions and protects our air and water.

How it works:

Through The Energy Co-op’s RNG program, you will continue to receive safe and reliable gas service through PECO’s distribution system, but with the added benefit of supporting a cleaner and more sustainable Pennsylvania. For every unit of gas you use, we purchase a unit from regional landfills to offset the use of conventional gas elsewhere.

Benefits include:
  • Support the development of a sustainable gas industry.
  • Switch without interruption in service.
  • Membership in a local, non-profit, mission-driven organization.
  • Cooperative ownership which means that members vote on the organization’s governance and direction.
  • No signup or membership fees.
  • No contracts — cancel service anytime without fees.
Join The Energy Co-op

The Energy Co-op uses the power of community to provide members with 100% renewable electricity, renewable natural gas and affordable, transparently-priced heating oil.