The Co-op Story


The Energy Co-op believes that everyone deserves access to clean, affordable energy resources and that energy should benefit the community. We provide our members with clean electricity and affordable home heating options. We work to educate the public about energy, advocate for clean, community-controlled energy resources and actively support the cooperative movement in Pennsylvania and beyond


We envision a world where empowered energy users have access to clean, affordable, locally-controlled and locally-sourced energy resources.

  • Transparency in pricing and actions.
  • Accountability to our membership and the community.
  • Environmental, economic and social sustainability in all of our decisions.
The Energy Co-op is the region’s only nonprofit, member-owned energy supplier.

We are an organization for the community.


The Energy Co-op’s history is built on the desire for affordable and renewable energy options in Southeastern Pennsylvania that provide local impact. In 1979, The Energy Co-op was started by Weaver’s Way Food Co-op members to lower the per-gallon price of heating oil by leveraging its members’ buying power. By the 1990s, The Energy Co-op had expanded its geographic reach beyond West Mount Airy and added electricity to its offerings. Its EcoChoice100 product option pioneered renewable energy in the PECO coverage area. Today, we offer clean electricity, green natural gas, bio heat and standard heating oil, and we continue to look for new ways to support our members.